Orange in Hot Coffee Syrup Recipe

Orange in Hot Coffee Syrup Recipe

This recipe works well with most citrus fruits; try pink grapefruit or sweet, perfumed clementines, peeled but left whole, for a change

Ingredients : (Serves 6)

6 medium orange

200 g/7 oz/1 cup sugar

50 ml/2 fl oz/ cup cold water

100 ml/3 fl oz/scant cup boiling water

100 ml/3 fl oz/scant cup fresh strong brewed coffee

50 g/2 oz/ cup pistachio nuts, chopped (optional)

Method :

Finely pare the rind from one orange, shred and reserve the rind. Peel the remaining oranges. Cut each one crossways into slices, then re-form with a cocktail stick (toothpick). Put the sugar and cold water in a heavy pan. Heat gently until the sugar dissolves, then bring to the boil and cook until the syrup turns pale gold.


Remove from the heat and carefully pour the boiling water into the pan. Return to the heat until the syrup has dissolved in the water. Stir in the coffee. Add the oranges and the shredded rind to the coffee syrup. Simmer for 15-20 minutes, turning the oranges once during cooking. Sprinkle with pistachio nuts, if using, and serve hot.

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