Burr Mills Coffee Grinder

Burr Mills Coffee Grinder

By far the best all-round domestic grinder is a burr mill coffee grinder, which is the closest thing to a commercial grinder in that two metal discs perform the grinding. The uniformity of particles is amazingly precise considering the fairly compact size of the machines. The costs vary widely between brands, but even the cheapest will do a decent job. In fact, it is probably better to invest in a good burr mill than in an expensive coffee-maker, if the object is a good cup of freshly-ground coffee.

Burr mills coffee grinders are noisy and slow, but easy to operate, as the grind choice is made by selecting a number or degree on a knob. Manufacturers' instructions, which indicate certain settings for desired grinds, may not be entirely accurate, but once the desired grind is discovered, it is easy to get consistent results. Certain brands of burr mills are better at one range of grind, although all are adjustable. Some also have a timer, and will switch off automatically.

Never grind more coffee than will be used within a day or two. Before grinding, clear the discs of any old coffee remains, or of any coffee of a different origin or blend, by running the grinder with just a few beans of the new batch, before grinding in earnest.

For those that need an espresso grind, it is possible to buy a burr mill that specializes in very fine espresso grinds. They are precise and quick, but tend to cost more than those intended for a more general range of grinds; even so, in the espresso grinder category there are some models that can do an adequate job without requiring a bank loan. The price can be daunting, but it may be worth paying a higher price for a model with a measured espresso dose-dispenser, which makes the task of loading the filter-holder infinitely simpler and less messy, as the proper amount of coffee required is dispensed straight into the filter-holder. Espresso brewing, generally, benefits from buying proper equipment; a good grinder is just as important as the brewing machine, if not more so.

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