Coffee Cardamom Zabaglione Recipe

Coffee Cardamom Zabaglione Recipe

This warm Italian dessert is usually made with Italian Marsala wine. In this recipe coffee liqueur is used along with freshly crushed cardamom.

Ingredients : (Serves 4)

4 cardamom pods

8 egg yolks

50 g/2 oz/4 tablespoons golden caster (superfine) sugar

30 ml/2 tablespoons strong brewed coffee

50 ml/2 fl oz/ cup coffee liqueur such as Tia Maria, Kahlua or Toussaint

A few roasted coffee beans, crushed, to decorate

Method :

Peel away the pale green outer husks of the cardamom pods and remove the black seeds. Crush these to a fine powder using a pestle and mortar. Put the egg yolks, caster sugar and crushed cardamom seeds in a large bowl and whisk with a hand-held electric whisk for 1-2 minutes, or until the mixture is pale and creamy.


Gradually whisk the coffee and the liqueur into the egg yolk mixture. Place the bowl over a pan of near-boiling water and continue whisking for about 10 minutes.

Continue whisking until the mixture is very thick and fluffy and has doubled in volume, making sure the water doesn't boil - if it does the mixture will curdle. Remove the bowl from the heat and carefully pour the zabaglione into four warmed glasses or dishes. Sprinkle with a few crushed roasted coffee beans and serve immediately.


Cook's Tips: Cardamom is a fragrant spice from northern India. It may be bought ready-ground, but freshly crushed cardamom seeds are much sweeter.

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