Cappuccino Recipe

Cappuccino Recipe

The classic espresso and milk drink.

Ingredients : Serves 2

1/2-1 cup Very cold whole milk

15g / 2 tablespoons Dark-roast espresso finely ground coffee

Chocolate or cocoa powder (optional)

Method :

Pour very cold milk into a metal jug or frothing device, steam until a fine, smooth foam has formed, and set aside. Next, brew two cups of espresso into cappuccino or regular 150ml coffee cups. pour the steamed milk over the coffee, holding back the froth with a spoon until last, when it can be spooned on to the surface. The ideal cappuccino should be about one-third each espresso coffee, steamed milk and frothed milk. After brewing the coffee you may need to re-steam the milk for just a moment if it has begun to "fall" or lose the froth. If the milk has boiled or has been too aerated, throw the milk away and start again. Top with a sprinkle of chocolate or cocoa powder, if desired.

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