Coffee Recipes

Coffee Recipes

Be it a classic cappuccino with snowy-white frothed milk on top or a Spanish combination of coffee and molasses, there can be nothing more enjoyable than a steaming hot cup of coffee on a cold winter's day. Perhaps one reason for coffee's enduring popularity is its sheer versatility. It could also be drunk cold, and mixed with a variety of flavorings and nothing could be more refreshing.

Besides, it is also suitable for making alcoholic drinks as well. There are any number of combinations of alcohol with hot brewed coffee, and the key is to find your own favorite blends. The simplicity of an Irish coffee, with coffee, cream, whiskey and sugar, or any of the following classic mixed, provides the prefect place for discovering just that. When chilled and served in pretty glasses, coffee and alcohol make delicious and simple desserts.

  1. African Coffee

  2. Almond Butterscotch Latte

  3. Amaretto Almond Cappuccino

  4. Amaretto Fudge Cappuccino

  5. Apple Cinnamon Cappuccino

  6. Baklava Latte

  7. Banana Split Cappuccino

  8. Basic Latte

  9. Basic Mocha

  10. Black Forest Cappuccino

  11. Breve-Style Hungarian Hazelnut Latte

  12. Breve-Style Rum Praline Latte

  13. Cafe a l'Orange

  14. Cafe de Olla

  15. Caffe Latte (Cafe au lait)

  16. Caffe Vermouth

  17. Cappuccino

  18. Caramel Apple Cappuccino

  19. Caramel Nut Latte

  20. Caramel Nut Mocha

  21. Cherry Almond Latte

  22. Cherry Amaretto Mocha

  23. Chilled Coffee Caribbean

  24. Chocolate Butterscotch Latte

  25. Coconut Almond Latte

  26. Coconut Latte

  27. Coconut Mocha latte

  28. Coffee Chocolate Soda

  29. Coffee Cognac Cooler

  30. Coffee Colada

  31. Coffee Egg Nog

  32. Coffee Frappe

  33. Coffee Milk-Shake

  34. Coffee Yoghurt

  35. Creme de la Cream Latte

  36. Easy Cafe Brulot

  37. French Toddy

  38. Fudge Brownie Latte

  39. Georgia 'n' Ginger

  40. German Chocolate Cappuccino

  1. Granita di Caffe

  2. Green Grasshopper Coffee

  3. Honey Nut Latte

  4. Hot Buttered Rum Latte

  5. Hot Mint Julep

  6. Irish Nut Latte

  7. Island Mocha

  8. Jamaican Black Coffee

  9. Kahlua Mousse Breve Cappuccino

  10. La Dolce Vita

  11. Lisbon Flip Coffee

  12. Macadamia Fudge Cappuccino

  13. Mexican Coffee

  14. Mexican Mocha Cappuccino

  15. Normandy Coffee

  16. Pina Colada Cappuccino

  17. Raspberry Torte Breve Cappuccino

  18. Raspberry Torte Cappuccino

  19. Rich Raspberry Mocha

  20. Rocky Road Cappuccino

  21. Strawberry Amaretto Mocha

  22. Tangerine Raspberry Cappuccino

  23. Toffee Coffee Latte

  24. White Chocolate Macadamia Cappuccino

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