Jamaican Black Coffee Recipe

Jamaican Black Coffee Recipe

This delicious version of black coffee is only slightly alcoholic.

Ingredients : Serves 8

1 Lemon, finely sliced

2 Oranges, finely sliced

1.5 liters Black coffee (filter/plunger brewed using 55g coffee per 1 liter water)

3 tablespoons Rum

85 g Caster sugar (superfine)

8 Lemon slices, for serving

Method :

Place the lemon and orange slices in a saucepan. Add the coffee and heat. When the mixture is about to boil, pour in the rum and sugar. Stir well until the sugar is dissolved. Remove immediately from the heat. While the coffee is still very hot, pour or ladle into glasses, and decorate with a lemon slice.


Tips : This recipe uses hot normal-strength coffee. Any degree of roast is suitable, but a medium-to-darker roast will allow more perception of the citrus and rum flavors than would a dark roast.

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