French Toddy Coffee Recipe

French Toddy Coffee Recipe

This is a variation of a very old French recipe - said to have been a favorite of Flaubert - to which coffee and sugar have been added.

Ingredients : Serves 2

120 ml Calvados

50 ml Apricot brandy

20-30 ml Sugar, to taste

300 ml Very strong coffee (filter brewed at about 45 g per 500 ml water)

25 ml Double (heavy) cream

Method :

Very gently warm the Calvados and brandy together over a low heat, and transfer to large balloon glasses. Dissolve the sugar in the coffee and add to the liqueurs. Stir. While the contents are still rotating from the stirring, pour the cream over the surface in a circular motion. Do not stir, just sip and savor.


Tips : This French Toddy can be drunk without cream and/or with poire (pear eau de vie) substituted for the Calvados, if you would prefer.

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