Coffee Frappe Recipe

Coffee Frappe Recipe

Similar to milk-shake, this frappe recipe is another long, cold coffee drink that is both refreshing and uplifting.

Ingredients : Serves 2

450 ml Cold strong coffee (brew using about 80 g coffee per 1 liter water)

8 drops Vanilla essence (extract)

300 ml Crushed ice

60 ml Condensed milk

Whipped cream and sliced banana, to decorate (optional)

Method :

Add the cold brewed coffee to a large blender. Next, add the vanilla essence (extract), crushed ice and condensed milk. Blend well until a smooth texture is obtained. Pour into tall, clear glasses and stir in sugar to taste. Decorate with some whipped cream and banana slices, if you wish.


Variations : There are countless variations on the classic frappe. Any of the following essences would be suitable. Try almond, banana, maple and peppermint.

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