Coffee Cognac Cooler Recipe

Coffee Cognac Cooler Recipe

This drink is unabashedly decadent - not for those counting calories!

Ingredients : Serves 2

250 ml Cold strong darker-roast coffee

80 ml Cognac or brandy

50 ml Coffee liqueur

50 ml Double cream

10 ml Sugar

250 ml Crushed ice

2 scoops Coffee ice cream

Chocolate shavings, to decorate

Method :

Shake or blend all the ingredients except the ice cream together. Pour into tall glasses and gently add a scoop of ice cream to each. Decorate with chocolate shavings and serve with a long-handled spoon.


Tips : The coffee liqueur can be either a cream-based one, such as Kahlua, or a non-cream based liqueur, such as Tia Maria.

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